New York Is a Paradise

Was there ever any doubt that the city that never sleeps is overflowing with strange perverts, dope addicts, and creepers. It's why we are happy to call it home.

As soon as this set of pictures arrived in my inbox, I asked photographer Atisha Paulson for a couple of sentences that would in his mind describe New York City and his work. Here's what he came back with:

"I started reading this book the other day, Aberration of Starlight, by a guy called Gilbert Sorrentino and there, on page four, he writes:  '… photographs, because they exclude everything except the split second in which they are snapped, always lie. Still, one stares at them, urging them to give up their truths...'"

Does that mean Atisha is a liar? Or is New York really as weird and perverted as these photos make it out to be?

See more of Atisha's work here.

Does your town or city qualify for paradise status? Feel free to send us your pitches. We won't bite.

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