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J.S. Aurelius Debuts on Halcyon Veil with a Psychologically Imbalanced Mix

"the music is whatever 2" follows his recent 'Goofin Drones' album on Alter, protesting the military's use of drones.

by Alexander Iadarola
May 2 2016, 6:13pm

Photo by Lane Stewart

Phoenix musician and Ascetic House label/collective co-proprietor, J.S. Aurelius, has shared a degraded, unpredictably mood-shifting new mix on Houston composer Rabit's label Halcyon Veil. "the music is whatever 2" follows his recent Goofin Drones album on Alter, which used drone hacking software to make a powerful statement against "death by remote control."

The listening experience swings back and forth between paranoid, hyperactive bustle and serene lull several times throughout its duration, which is a little like those messy liminal moments when you can't tell if an anxiety attack has a grip on you, or if you've got a grip on it. Unreleased tracks from the likes of Berlin duo Amnesia Scanner, Brooklyn-based 1080p affiliate Via App, and a handful of Ascetic House releases feature, making the experience of indecision a little more enjoyable.

Aurelius is also a part of the Sacred Bones-affiliated punk band Destruction Unit and the mystical performance-oriented improvisation project Marshstepper. For the tracklist, he's set it in a font that might recall your old web 1.0 Xanga or Livejournal days.

"the music is whatever 2" tracklist:

hEaDbAnD - "fEbRuUs" PaRt 3 (InTeGrAtE) [ArS MeDiA]
oRgOnOn pIt - mUkOiD FlEx [FoRtHcOmInG On aScEtIc hOuSe]
J.S. aUrElIuS AnD RoDgEr sTeLlA - 01 [UnReLeAsEd]
ChInO AmObI - YoU WaNt dEmOcRaCy? YoU WaNt fReEdOm? [nOn]
LiGaTuRe - cLaUsTrOpHoBe [FoRtHcOmInG On jOy dE ViVrE]
sOmAlI ExTrAcT - MeTtLe [FoRtHcOmInG On aScEtIc hOuSe]
PiNkY RoSe - sHe aSkEd fOr lOuDeR [aRs mEdIa]
SoReN - CaMm (PaRt 2) [fOrThCoMiNg oN AsCeTiC HoUsE]
sOrRoWiNg cHrIsT - A2 120913 [fOrThCoMiNg oN AsCeTiC HoUsE]
vIa aPp - cOn aRtIsT WiP [uNrElEaSeD]
jOnAtHaN UlIeL SaLdAnHa - tRaIn tUnNeL / CrAnE DuB [sIlO RuMoR]
vArG - SeNaToR LoUnGe (ThE NeW AiRpLaNe dRoNe) [uNrElEaSeD]
sIlKbLeSs - dYoU [sElF-ReLeAsEd]
J.S. aUrElIuS - NbOmE [cAcTuS MaN]
aMnEsIa sCaNnEr - bOuNtY [uNrElEaSeD]
sOnS Of mAgDaLeNe - tAkBiR [fOrThCoMiNg oN AsCeTiC HoUsE]
gLoChIdS - NeT B [fOrThCoMiNg oN AsCeTiC HoUsE]
g.i.s.m. - SuBj aNd eGoS, cHoPpEd (N ScReWeD DuBmIx) [bEaSt aRtS]
vIdEo bLuE - AuToPoRtRaIt [FoRtHcOmInG On aScEtIc hOuSe]
RoPeR RiDeR - CoRrAlS [fOrThCoMiNg oN AsCeTiC HoUsE]
aLeX ZhAnG HuNgTaI - NiNa [FoRtHcOmInG On aScEtIc hOuSe]

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