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Kry Wolf's "No Trouble" Vid Will Give You the Artsiest Aneurysm You'll Ever Enjoy

Take a deep breath. This one is intense.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Dec 24 2014, 12:15am

As heads of essential UK house label FOOD Music along with Shadow Child, Kry Wolf set themselves some pretty lofty standards. When Chris Lorenzo, Hannah Wants and Kill Frenzy are the company you keep, you gotta bring your A-game constantly. The label head honchos' vid for "No Trouble" finds Kry Wolf doing just that. The tune is a bossy house number with glitchy flair and some Chicago vibes coming through the vocals. It'll fit like a charm in sets on both sides of the pond and is just dripping with attitude.

The video, however, takes that bossiness and cranks it way up in black and white animated glory. It's a trip and should not be viewed by young children or those with delicate dispositions. We're not kidding! It goes from a literal take on the lyrics to a totally psychedelic journey into the abyss and we can't even begin to explain it. Just keep your eyes peeled and hang on for the ride.

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