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Turn the Strange Levels to 11 with Mustard Pimp's New Video for Dim Mak

Plus a free download that will have you feeling like 3AM Saturday all over again.

by David Garber
Mar 10 2014, 9:18pm

It's Monday and we are all slowly emerging from the foggy, sleepless daze that accompanies three marathon nights of endless dancing. Our corneas are recovering from the multi-colored strobe stabs, our ear drums are readjusting from in-the-red level sub frequencies, and our sense of dignity is crumbling as we begin to recollect everything that actually happened on Friday night. If there's one thing that can keep us from passing out in a giant bowl of Chobani yogurt, it's a really weird music video to accompany some throwback hardcore sounds.

You guys remember Mustard Pimp right? He's the Dim Mak dancefloor deviant with a natural affinity for super-charged electro beats. Well after a yearlong hiatus, the pimp is back with a brand new "neo-gabber" mixtape, Isometrex 2, and a new single entitled "Kick Back"—the video for which we are dropping right now. This vid is turning up the strange levels and has us feeling nostalgic with it's homage to the golden era of wacky 90s hardcore and spastic Dutch techno. I won't even try to explain all the weird things going on in this video. Just hit play and you'll be feeling like you did 3AM Saturday morning.

Also be sure to grab the free download of "Kick Back" courtesy of Mustard Pimp:

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