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​NGHTMRE's Remix of Just A Gent's "Limelight" is Like a Dream

Nightlight not required, this one is all good vibes.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Apr 27 2015, 6:00pm

NGHTMRE on the decks // Photo by DonsLens

Sartorially inclined Aussie teenager Just A Gent has been tearing his way up the dance world ladder over the past year, and a lot of that has been on the back of his infectious tune "Limelight," featuring the summery warble of vocalist R O Z E S. The track is all sugary good-vibes and anthemic hooks and it'll enjoy a healthy rinsing on the Gent's Just Turned 18 Tour, currently zig-zagging its way around Australia before the producer drops an EP of the same name in July.

Looking for a way to dirty up the track, Just A Gent sought out Angeleno upstart NGHTMRE on remix duties. Despite his scary name, the tune reads like a dream. "I've always loved Just A Gent's remixes so it was amazing to be asked to remix one of his biggest singles," NGHTMRE tells THUMP. "I love the vocal too. ROZES really killed it on this."

NGHTMRE, undoubtedly a multi-faceted producer, kept the evil eye at bay on this one, preferring to maintain the positive vibes of the original. "I love how the track is so melodic and has very friendly elements," he says. "I wanted to keep my remix on the same vibe and add my own signature elements and sounds to bring new life to it."

Never one to mince his words, Just A Gent's response to the remix was succinct: "He nailed this one."

NGHTMRE is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter
Just A Gent is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

NGHTMRE Dreamcatcher Tour 2015
April 23 - Yost Theater // Santa Ana, CA
April 24 - Space // Miami, FL
May 2 - Webster Hall // New York, NY
May 6 - Foundation // Seattle, WA
May 8 - Whiskey Bar // Portland, OR
Ma 13 - EPR // San Francisco, CA
May 28 - Miramar Theater // Milwauke, WI
May 30 - Gilt // Orlando, FL
June 6 - Ambar // Perth, Australia
June 7 - Biscuit Factory // West End, Australia
June 12- Chinese Laundry // Sydney, Australia
June 13 - Zhivago // Adelaide, Australia
June 17 - Elektricity // Detroit, MI
June 26 - Stereo Live // Houston, TX
July 3 - Lizard Lounge // Dallas, TX