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Download: Doctor Jeep - "Golden Eye"

The Banana Peel Records don delivers a drum and bass kicker with a nü-school edge.

by VICE Thump
Aug 23 2013, 9:00pm

Snap on your safari hat for this drum and bass kicker from Doctor Jeep—the 23-year-old don of Banana Peel Records. For the last four years, Jeep was a shining beacon of hope for Boston's swarms of undergrads, and under his stewardship, the Banana Peel crew staged many a techno bacchanal. But, like most, Jeep got the fuck out as soon as he graduated and moved back to New York City (luckily, he is known to rock a Boston house party here and there still).

Jeep quickly found a new crew with the Brooklyn-based Party Guy Records, and his latest, "Golden Eye," is the leading track off their forthcoming compilation album, The Future Sounds of North America II. Think of Future Sounds as the Now That's What I Call Music! of weird Stateside club music—a 13-course tasting menu of next year's biggest underground producers. (The first Future Sounds in 2010 featured Distal, Cedaa, and ETC!ETC! when they were still unknowns.)

Jeep builds up "Golden Eye" with classic drum and bass rhythms (say hello to your old friend, the Amen break), but overlays them with big, creepy melodies. The result is like stumbling through a tropical jungle to get weird with thizzed-out Pharaohs. Or something.

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