Mat Zo Thinks Electronic Music Has Rotten Teeth—And He Wants to Be the Dentist

Is this the EDM whistleblower we've been waiting for, or is he just ranting?

Jun 3 2015, 6:10pm

Mat Zo has had enough—and he wants you to know about it. Starting over the weekend, the London producer has been steadily unleashing a series of refreshingly honest tweets about how fucked up the electronic music industry has become. "Electronic music has rotten teeth that need to be pulled," he tweeted.

Zo's gripes center around the irony that dance music, as an underground culture, was once a safe haven for nerds and freaks who didn't fit in. But now, with EDM's commercial success around the globe, the culture is being ruled by the people they were trying to escape from.

DJs complaining about EDM's stupidity is nothing new (here's a list of ten respected DJs doing exactly that). However, Zo goes one step further, calling out specific artists who happen to be some of the biggest artists in the world.

Zo starts with the human V-neck t-shirt himself, Tiësto:

Next, he moves on to another EDM bigwig and (erstwhile) trance DJ, Markus Schulz:

According to Zo, the good guys are few and far between:

Oh, and Diplo is a not-so-good-but-still-good guy:

When Diplo subtweeted Zo, he quickly fired back:

Of course, Deadmau5 had to chime in.

Soon, they were engaged in a full-fledged twit-war.

Zo wants to be clear that he isn't talking shit.

Because people need to know what kind of fuckwittery is happening behind-the-scenes:

For now, it looks like Zo has put a cap on this round of tweets. This isn't the first time that he's spoken out against the widespread use of ghost producers and mixers in electronic music; in 2014, he admitted to using ghost mixers for his radio show, saying the practice made him feel disconnected and lost. The real question is: will Zo's attempt at whistle-blowing actually make a difference, or will the dance music industry shrug its shoulders and return to business as usual?

Mat Zo on Twitter

Michelle Lhooq is THUMP's Features Editor. You can follow her and her verbal dentistry on Twitter.

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