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Meet Ziro, the Bristol Producer Closing the Gap Between Grime and Club Music

The Crazylegs affiliated producer's back with a new EP that flits between deranged funky, acid soaked ambient and waterlogged 3AM jams. Stream a track featuring grime warlord Riko Dan exclusively here on THUMP.

by Josh Baines
Oct 14 2015, 1:55pm

As the dividing line between the worlds of grime and clubbing gets thinner and thinner, labels like Bristol based imprint Crazylegs become more and more important. Stemming from a club night that began down south in 2008, the label's played host to a slew of producers who nimbly and deftly hop from the sinewave experimentation of grime's pirate radio roots to the clashing carnage of contemporary club music with aplomb. Last year saw them drop 12"s and digital releases from the likes of Bloom, Gage, Tommy Rawson, Kevin Prodigy, TRC and Murlo. 2015's seen new names like Deadboy, Island and DJJ join the squad, each exploring different avenues of the club music landscape.

One producer who seems, to us at least, as pretty synonymous with what Crazylegs have done to date is Ziro. His "Coded" 12"—a creaking, dark, sticky roller that fused minimal techno's clean lines with the heft and weight of UK bass—was the imprint's inaugural release and he's been with them ever since. The end of this month sees him dropping a new EP on Crazylegs.

The Lionheart EP, due for release on the 30th of October is one of those releases that refuses simple categorization. One minute it's coming on like a Katamari Damacy ball rolling through a warehouse full of warped, waterlogged, utterly fucked bmore club records ("Strafe"), the next we're in deep ambient grime territory, traversing parts unknown ("Distance"), then we're falling down rabbit hoals of bass'n'richochet snares ("Rapture") before ending up in deep, deep damaged and deranged UK funky territory ("Lionheart"). We've not stopped playing it since the Crazylegs lads sent it our way.

Because we're really nice here at THUMP, we wanted you to join in the fun too, so we're giving you an exclusive listen to the hardest cut on the EP, the Riko Dan-featuring "Dun Talk"—a terrifyingly rough-and-tough slab of cut-glass grime gold. Stream it below:

Of the track, Ziro says, "'It's actually the oldest track on the EP, Riko heard the track I did with Trim last summer and hit me up so we got working. I've been really interested in exploring the rap x grime crossover and he absolutely nailed the vocal — it's pure violence. We've performed it live a few times now and it goes off."

The Lionheart EP is out on 30th October via Crazylegs. Head here for more information.

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