We Talk Getting Money in Music on Episode 5 of the THUMP Podcast

Thoughts on a long week at SXSW and the recent news that Soundcloud will pay (some) DJs for streams of their mixes.

by THUMP Staff
Mar 23 2017, 5:17pm

Photo by 401k Consultants/Flickr

For episode 5 of our new podcast, Emilie's back from Austin with lots of thoughts about SXSW. Features Editor Michelle Lhooq, Associate Editor Ezra Marcus, and Managing Editor Colin Joyce join our host for a conversation about the complexities of artist compensation in 2017, from streaming to playing festivals. Colin discusses SoundCloud's recent decision to compensate (some) DJs for mixes uploaded to the service, and Michelle talks about perceptions of a scene-wide crackdown on live music events in New York City following the Oakland fire—an important source of income for many of the city's artists. Ezra gives us an update on the club scenes in Madrid and Lisbon, and how promoters and artists from Europe face many of the same challenges as those from the US. Also we talk about Drake. Somehow it always comes back to Drake.

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