Enter a 'FLATLAND' of Light, Geometry, and Sound

Tomorrow night at Wallplay, Nitemind invites Greg Z., DV-i, and Trust Image to perform for a special closing celebration.

by Alyssa Buffenstein
Apr 19 2016, 7:30pm

All photos courtesy of Nitemind

With its prime corner location and billboard space, Wallplay’s Lower East Side outpost gives artists maximum visibility. The gallery’s current show, FLATLAND, is an installation project by creative collective Nitemind; if you frequent downtown Manhattan, you might recognize its glowing geometry, even though it’s only been on display since April 15.

Unfortunately, FLATLAND closes tomorrow, 4/20. But on the bright side, there's a party from 6 PM to midnight featuring live sets by Greg Z.DV-i, and Trust Image. The show also includes 2D and 3D neon light sculptures, some affixed traditionally to the walls, some leaning more casually, and others hanging from the ceiling, exploring the immaterial properties of light, color, motion, and the time and space in between. 

Known for their environment-building and light installations for fashion shows, one-off events, music festivals, and more, Nitemind is interactive engineer/founder Michael Potvin; creative producer and production manager Brian Sweeny, production designer Steve Grise, and production designer Joey Perugini.

You can find out more about the collective on Nitemind’s websiteWallplay is located at 118 Orchard Street—as was the case with the opening night, a special upstairs room will also be open, featuring an immersive installation. Don’t get too stoned to miss it! 


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