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[Exclusive] Cannes-Winning Director Teaches You the 'Self Help Dance'

Smokin' sexy, surreal GIFs from 2015 Short Film Palme d’or winner Ely Dagher take you inside MODEL 86's new EP.

by TCP Staff
Aug 26 2015, 2:45pm

When we last left off, Lebanese writer/director Ely Dagher was submitting his stunning, experimental narrative film/visual essay, Waves '98, to Cannes in pursuit of the vaulted 2015 Short Film Palme d’or. Well, Dagher's film won that gilded frond, and since then has kept his capable hands occupied with no-less-stunning work. Case in point: when London-based producer MODEL 86—a.k.a. Matthew Wilcock, the maestro behind the digitally-warped, dystopian London we brought you last May—needed some visuals to tease his forthcoming debut Self Help Dance EP (out September 18), Dagher's deft, contour line style was precisely what the doctor ordered. 

Now, in 14 exclusive GIFs and the above teaser, you can get a taste of what it means to Self Help Dance:


In the past, Dagher told us his narrative stylings "come mainly from art and literature, Jorge Louis Borges, Chris Marker, but also David Lynch." The latter's uncanny touch is perhaps most evident in the above GIFs, which feature everything from falling figures, to facesitting, la petite mort, and even disappearing genitals. The result? A stunning suite of black-and-white vignettes that have us salivating for September 18. 

Click here to visit Ely Dagher's website, and here to pre-order MODEL 86's Self Help Dance EP, out September 18 on digital and 7" vinyl. 


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