These Paper Meals Are Infuriatingly Mouth-Watering

Everything from a grilled cheese to a banana split crafted with colorful paper.

by Diana Shi
Aug 21 2016, 11:55am

All images courtesy yelldesign

With a daily diet of paper protein, paper grain, paper vegetables and fruit, you’ve covered all the tenets of the paper food pyramid. Papermeal is the food baby of animation studio, yelldesign. The team of nine, helmed by director Matt Willis, is a self-proclaimed group of paper and food obsessives. Together, they work on crafting and perfecting each stage of the paper-turned-food animation process. Yelldesign harnesses a stop-motion approach to bring their ideas to life.

The Creators Project wondered about how the obession with crafting food came about and Willis obliged, “Papermeal was the result of many lunchtime discussions the creative group had been pushing around concepts to do our own series. We’d seen many beautiful examples of paper crafted food as still images on blogs and in magazines, but we’d never seen a full recipe completed with all of the ingredients made from paper.”

Within a beautifully-lit workspace, the Australian designers first thought of PaperMeal as a spare-time project that eventually grew into a full-time pursuit. Now, the team  devotes a maximum of six hours shooting the animations, not counting the complex planning beforehand.

The design team has tackled a diverse range of appetizing dishes, including a meal of fish and chips, a bowl of ramen, the Australian version of a grilled cheese and ham sandwich, and a banana split (which we previously found to look very tantalizing). Every facet of the sets — including the utensils and plating — are constructed from paper.

The project provided a less-restrictive environment to create, Willis continues: “As we didn’t need client approvals for sets and props we were very free to move things around and change plans — especially while shooting to get the best result. In many ways, the project was an opportunity for the group to do something completely free, without rules or deadlines.”

Check out some stills from the team’s creations, as well the completed animated shorts, below:

Meatballs and Penne

Fish and Chips

See more work from yelldesign, on their Instagram, here, and website, here.


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