A Triangle of Circles Illuminates a Square in Milan

Not a Number Architects examines spatial fluidity with 'Arbor Lights.'

by Francesca Capossela
Jul 14 2016, 2:45pm

Photos courtesy of Bulgari

Located in one of the few spots of greenery in the old city center of Milan, symmetrical steel and brass rings are locked together to form a series of illuminated modular triangles which make up one large triangle. This is Arbor Lights, a spatial installation that was designed by architectural studio Not a Number Architects for Milan Design Week 2016. The pulsating effects of 54 light strips playfully evoke the fluidity of space and time, through symmetry and repetition and architectural complexity. The installation has intrigued viewers, whose presence enhances Arbor Lights, especially at night.  

Not a Number Architects was founded in 2008 in London with the mission of creating ‘meaningful spaces’ It consists of co-founders Ermis Adamantidis and Dominiki Dadatsi, as well as Madhav Kidao, who joined in 2010 and specializes in digital fabrication and interactive architecture. Previous NaNA projects have included a public bath called Thessaloniki’s Wet Dream in Greece and a church in China shaped like a group of huddled penguins. NaNA’s commitment to architecture that performs on multiple levels allows them to be successful in a variety of fields from space installation to urban planning. Arbor Lights demonstrates the studio’s interest in creating spaces which involve the surrounding community and are particular to their environment—the installation’s size was fit exactly to Bulgari Giardino’s patch of greenery. To get a sense for the fluidity of Arbor Lights, check out the video below.

Arbor Lights from NaNA on Vimeo. Video courtesy of Reflekta

To see more of Not a Number Architects’ work, visit their website.


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