[Best of 2013] The Year In Creativity

From 3D mazes to Mashmallow Laser Feast: a few stories you might have missed this year.

Dec 23 2013, 6:35pm

2013 was a big year for tech and art--filling our hearts and our inboxes with fascinating new projects. Though we wish we could list each and every innovation that blew our minds in 2013, below we've curated some of our very favorite creative curiosities just in case you missed them the first time around:

This year...

*Rafaël Rozendaal created a projection mapped art car. Just try losing this in the IKEA parking lot.
*We learned how to score a video game.
*David Bowie turned into a puppet. *People made art out of the bacteria on their smartphones. EW. *Fruits and vegetables morphed into musical instruments.

*Leo Villareal's lit up the Bay Bridge
*We turned our favorite website into a playable 3D maze.

*We met the people who help make Daft Punk awesome.

*Marshmallow Laser Feast took us through a trippy laser forest.

*Flume talked to us about making beats. 

*We stepped into Oblivion.

*Mr.GIF taught everyone how to make stereoscopic GIFs.

*Takashi Murakami fought fantastical creatures.

*Brian Eno showed us what 77 million mesmerizing paintings would look like.

*We visualized the Detroit electro scene in flares.

*An artist manipulated water WITH HER MIND.

*This installation allowed kids to control the weather.

*5 emotions were invented by the internet.

*Anti-gravity robots had their chance to shine.

*The Postal Service reunited and it was synth-tastic.

*Human-looking robots haunted our very souls.

*This kit let you create your own drone.

*Tokyo went on a laser-light stroll.

*Robots learned how to sign their own names. So it begins!

*These baseballs stats turned into sculptures and it was pretty cool.

*An animated light skeleton first skateboarded into our life.

*The Human Harp turned bridges into musical instruments. 

*We desperately wanted these interactive glowing circles to magically appear in the VICE offices (hint!). 

*Germans wanted to send geese to the moon for some reason. 

*Your Facebook profile turned into a crazy hawk and flew away

*Rafael Lozano-Hemmer turned NYC's Park Avenue Tunnel into an audiovisual partay

*Minneapolis got a Twitter-powered mood ring

*Bot & Dolly took projection mapping to amazing new heights.

*Lasers and art came together to fight rabies in wolves

*An electronic petting zoo came to the UK.  *Pedro Reyes turned guns into musical instruments

*A hologram center opened in Queens. 

*Flo Rida created his own line of theremins.

*Ying Gao created voice-activated fabric*The army started investing in 4D printing and we wondered about all the crazy stuff they could do with it

And last but not least:

*We wondered if Amazon's new Prime Air drones couldn't be used to benefit artists?

Did we miss your favorite story from 2013? Leave us a note in the comments.

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