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Frank Ocean Is Proof That the Music Skit Should Never Die

"I don't really have a [REDACTED] in my [REDACTED]"

by Lauren O'Neill
Apr 13 2017, 2:00pm

It's a testament to the branding and mythology that Frank Ocean has built around himself over the course of his career that his releasing a one-minute and 12-second skit taken from a radio show would make headlines. But that's the sort of prestige artist he is, and we, fools for him that we are, continue to eat it up.

Yesterday a skit titled "Experiences," which was heard between "Camel" by Flying Lotus and "Eh" by Death Grips on Episode 003 of Frank's Blonded Radio show on Beats 1 was uploaded to YouTube by the show. It features a younger man and an older woman having a pretty heated discussion, with the guy uttering the immortal line: "I don't have a *bleep* in my *bleep*". You fill in the blanks I guess.

It's not the first time Frank has used the spoken word in amongst his musical work—he famously used a voicemail left by a friend's mum on Blonde's "Be Yourself" which, as it segues into the understated recklessness of "Solo," provides one of the album's standout moments. Of course, before that, he'd made the "End" skit, complete with what sounds like Frank and a woman having sex in the back of a car while his "Voodoo" track plays.

Obviously, the album skit's been around in hip-hop for decades. Those diversions from the music, especially when they went for lols, could polarise audiences—people who loved TLC's "Sexy Interlude" prank call from CrazySexyCool may well have tired of the amount of interludes and skits packed into OutKast's Speakerboxx/The Love Below years later. But the darkness of some of Eminem's skits added depth to his storytelling, while Missy Elliott's choice to largely soundtrack her interludes with music, as Frank did on "End"—and let's ignore the dodgy accents on The Cookbook's opening bit—made them potentially less jarring for the casual listener. With a history this rich, I've just got a simple request: more skits please, Frank.

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