Is It Possible the Rams Think Jeff Fisher Is the Only Football Coach on the Planet?

Jeff Fisher got a three-year extension for being worse than average.

by Mike Vorkunov
Sep 15 2016, 5:01pm

Who's got two thumbs and a .423 winning percentage with the Rams? Photo by Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports.

You may have heard of Jeff Fisher. He's a decidedly average NFL head coach with a wonderful Magnum P.I. mustache. His biggest resume selling point is that he once lost a Super Bowl, and he has been living off that for the last 15 years.

Earlier this week, Fisher's Rams were embarrassed on Monday Night Football. It was, all Fisher things considered, not really an outlier. They can move to Los Angeles, they can do Hard Knocks, they can select a QB at No. 1 overall in the draft, but the Rams are the Rams and Fisher is still their head coach.

And things could stay that way, like, maybe forever. ESPN's John Clayton reports that Fisher is getting a three-year extension from the Rams' mustachioed owner, effectively condoning his 27-37-1 tenure with the Rams so far. Maybe mustaches are in now in Hollywood (see also: Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods), or maybe having a coach who can guarantee you six or seven wins every year is actually reassuring, like knowing that no matter what happens this election, the sun will eventually explode in five billion years and this whole blog will be moot. (At least the Fisher coaching robot is self-aware.)

Beyond the inexplicable absurdity of prolonging the Fisher era, there also are leaks coming from the Rams about the mechanics behind drafting Jared Goff first overall this year. According to Keyshawn Johnson, Goff was forced on Fisher. That might very well be true, or it might be some tuchus-covering by someone because Goff is currently the No. 3 quarterback on a depth chart where Case Keenum is the starter.

Which brings us back to the curious Fisher extension. Look at how the Eagles are handling their own quarterback situation. They took Carson Wentz second overall and traded Sam Bradford right before the season. Left with the decision to start an uninspiring journeyman at quarterback or their top pick, they went with Wentz. Because why would they voluntarily choose Chase Daniel to be their starting quarterback?

Faced with a nearly similar situation, Fisher chose Keenum. Perhaps Goff really isn't ready to play and isn't that good at all. Or maybe these are the types of choices that will make a team go 7-9.