Commission Concludes Didier Drogba's Charity May Have Misled Donors But Was Not Fraudulent

The foundation was reported to have spent less than 1 percent of funds on the charities it promotes.

Dec 2 2016, 4:25pm

Didier Drogba, draping himself in the flag of his native Ivory Coast, the country his foundation hasn't given much money to. Photo by Eric Bolte—USA TODAY Sports

After a seven-month investigation, the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom cleared former Chelsea and current Montreal Impact striker Didier Drogba's foundation of fraud and corruption. However, the Charity Commission concluded that Drogba's foundation may have been misleading donors to believe their donations were going to hospitals and schools in Africa, when they were in fact being stored in a UK-based bank account, according to the BBC.

In short, the investigation concluded that the funds have not been misapplied—but that they have been held on to for undisclosed reasons.

The investigation was launched in April, after the Daily Mail reported that Drogba's charity had raised over £1.7 million, but had only spent £14,115—less than .01 percent—on actual causes. They also claimed that the foundation spent £439,321 on celebrity fundraising events, one of which lost £71,000.

After the investigation's conclusion, Drogba is now seeking damages and an apology from the publication, but the Mail has stood their ground, saying that they never laid claims of fraud and corruption. Meanwhile, The Charity Commission has urged the foundation to be more transparent to donors and the public, and to lay out a clear plan for their funds.