NASCAR Race at Daytona Ends in Crazy Crash into the Catch Fence

Austin Dillon walked away from this insane crash in a late night race at Daytona.

by Sean Newell
Jul 6 2015, 1:47pm

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona last night, but seconds before he crossed the finish line, shit got real. The Number 11 car got stuck in the middle of the pack annd spun out, but actually spun back into the pack of cars, forcing Austin Dillon in the three car to go airborne and jump from the bottom of the track into the catch fence in a fiery, terrifying crash.

Amazingly, Dillon walked out of the car unscathed, but he—and several other drivers—was pretty upset about the whole thing. Dillon called for change from NASCAR to these restrictor plate races, saying the speeds were too high, making airborne cars more likely, and it was an unacceptable situation.

After getting airborne, slamming into the wall and fence, and then spinning around on the track again, Dillon's car was hit one more time by another spinning out car.

"It was very vicious," Dillon said of the crash. "It's twisting you around in there, and the belts are loosening with each hit, so the hits are getting more and more violent. By the fourth hit, you've separated enough so that the fourth one is going to hurt more than others. I held on to the steering wheel as hard as I could. I'm sure I'm going to find more bumps and bruises during the week, but right now I feel all right."

Debris from the wreck sprayed everywhere through the fence, so some fans sitting in the area were treated for injuries, though none were seriously injured.

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