Arsenal Fans Launch Dueling Wenger "In" and "Out" Plane Banners, Suffer a Loss

Wouldn't be surprised if a second "out" plane made its rounds next match—to trump the "in."

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 18 2017, 3:24pm

Like the innie-outie bellybutton, Arsenal fans' Arsene Wenger-related plane banners are confused AF.

Understandable, though—after a jaw-dropping 21 years as manager of Arsenal (which is 300 years in EPL managerial time), Wenger has developed a devout fanbase (see: nostalgia for a lossless 2003-04 season and title and a UCL finals run in 2005-06) and a rambunctious set of detractors (see: those mounting pitchforks while Arsenal has lingered in 2nd-4th place for a bajillion years). Well, this season is the real test, as Arsenal are getting edged out at 5th, and people aren't happy—or are they? Just ask the banners.

Today was no exception to Gunners fans' frustrations as West Brom made mincemeat of Arsenal's backline, despite their massive pay checks. The score ended in a 3-1 drubbing, as West Brom scored on two poorly-marked set pieces and a loose ball. Of course it was Alexis Sanchez—who has been head-scratchingly benched by Wenger recently—who was Arsenal's lone scorer, thus proving a glitch in Wenger's thought process.

Arsenal are now five points behind 4th place Liverpool, with Manchester United and Everton nipping at their heels. Not a great sign for Le Professeur.

With an endless parade of anti-Wenger protest signs—including the hilariously tasty calls for a "Wexit"—we're now likely to see people get a bit more creative about their upset. Because the conflicting "No Contract #Wenger Out" and "In Arsene We Trust #RespectAW" aren't really sending out a coherent message. I wouldn't be surprised if a second "out" plane made its rounds next match—to trump the "in."

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