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Watch Artificial Pleasure's Heart on the Sleeve, Cod on the Plate Video for "All I Got"

Well damnit, now we want fish and chips.

by Noisey Staff
Mar 27 2017, 3:15pm

Traditionally people eat fish and chips on a Friday. This was originally a religious thing right? Well anyhoo, this video—with its interpretive dancing, a head on a plate, and a perfectly served cod and chips—is the green light we need to have fish on a Monday. Extra tartar sauce please. And if the chip shop could turn into an impromptu disco, then let's go! Let's dance. Which brings us to Artificial Pleasure, the purveyors of this video, which is premiering below. The cool looking London-based quartet make spry, artful indie rock that tips its cap to Bowie. Their songs offer a jittery, thrumming energy ("I'll Make It Worth Your While" is pure Bowie circa "Fashion"), the kind of music that'd make you feel cool in the club, even if you had zero sense of rhythm, and "All I Got" is no different. If we hadn't banned the word angular, we would use it here. Let's just say that some of their guitar lines are serrated. Like a bread knife. YOUCH.

"The song's about putting your heart and soul into something which can often be very exposing and frustrating," explain the band. "Some people won't give a shit about what we're doing, some people will get it, others just look at us a bit confused. It's sort of a gospel song celebrating that no matter what you do, it will never be enough, you will never arrive. We're very lucky to be working again with [director] Dylan [Holmes Williams] and his team. He has a real knack of encapsulating the message of the song, creating a narrative around it and then completely fucking with it." 

Watch below: