gif six pack

6 Booty-Shakin' GIFs Are Ready for the Weekend

These animations just wanna MOVE.

by Beckett Mufson
Apr 7 2017, 2:49pm

They come hairy and smooth, pixelated and pineapple-shaped, surreal and too real. GIF artists' ideas about butts are weird and wonderful, just like butts in general. We like touching butts when it's appropriate, but for those moments when looking is all we can do, why not do it with a GIF?

The six artists below have clearly thought a lot about the derrière, and it's freeing to join them in seeing a superior posterior in a different light. ZinZen's pixelated butts are reminiscent of Sasha Katz' voxel art, Scorpion Dagger's classic Renaissance painting GIFs never fail to spark a smile, and Alice Zhang's fruity booty is a colorful visual pun that's hard to turn away from. Enjoy these endlessly bouncing animations and more below.

Scorpion Dagger

Jason Clarke



Karo Rigaud

Alice Zhang

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