Dance with Wolves in Young Marco's Beguiling and Beautiful New Video

Watch the Dutch dynamo's most recent collaboration with animator Rop van Mierlo exclusively on THUMP.

Apr 5 2017, 4:45pm

Gioia De Bruijn

Hands up if you like Young Marco? Wow...did you hear that...did you hear the sound of every pair of hands in the entire world rushing up in unison? What a moment. Finally, after thousands of years of trial and error, we've stumbled across the thing that connects all of us regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, or favorite Starburst flavor, and yep, it is the cosmically-inclined Dutch DJ and producer himself. Let's hear it for Young Marco, everybody!

If he's not jetting round the world playing an endless array of records you'll probably never hear again, and definitely never own for yourself, the man known to his mum as Marco Sterk's probably hanging out in a studio somewhere crafting gems like last year's Dekmantel released "The Best I Could Do (With What I Had)."

A few years back, Sterk hooked up with animator Rop van Mierlo, and Mierlo's work took centre stage on Sterk's fantastic 2014 LP Biology. The pair have spent the last year working on the sublimely tranquil video for "Trippy Isolator," which is being released under the duo's Dances with Wolves moniker.

We recommend you stop whatever it is you're doing right now and tuck straight into one of the most beguiling and beautiful videos we've seen for a long, long time. They did spend a year on it, after all.