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U.K. Producer Gage Made a Club Track Out of Actual Wolf Howls

Listen to the mechanical-primal hybrid track “Kaya” off of Gage’s forthcoming album '2017 Stay Paro.'

by Rachel Kraus
Mar 31 2017, 4:35pm

Image courtesy of the artist

The U.K.'s experimental club music producer Gage is a master at creating immersive, morphing soundscapes. He pits natural and grinding mechanical sounds against each other, constructing a fixated, frenetic dancefloor experience. On April 7, Gage will release a new 8-track project called 2017 Stay Paro that showcases his unconventional sound. He has already debuted the first single "Flash Pattern"; the full LP comes out April 7 on the forward-looking UK label Crazylegs.

Today, Gage shared with THUMP 2017 Stay Paro's sixth track "Kaya." He achieves its four and half minutes of ominous urgency by combining industrial buzzing feedback with a building bassline and an off-kilter bongo sound. Gage explained that its primal feel has actual roots in the animal kingdom.

"Most of the sounds in the song are built from wolf howls n' growls," said Gage in an email to THUMP. "My friend's got a very vocal and amazing husky named Kaya so I named the track after her."

Have a listen to "Kaya" and "Flash Pattern" below, and you can check out THUMP's interview with Gage to learn more about his process and outlook here. Cop 2017 Stay Paro on the Crazylegs bandcamp on April 7.