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Stream Joris Voorn's Breathtaking New Album 'Nobody Knows'

For the acclaimed Dutch artist's third album, he goes for an experience away from the club.

by David Garber
Nov 18 2014, 11:20pm

Joris Voorn's last LP From A Deep Place was released seven long years ago, so the anticipation for the follow-up has enjoyed some time to steadily build. Although the albums he has released have birthed a number of succesful tracks—"Incident" off his first full length Future History helped put him on the map—he's chosen to soundtrack (and establish) his lengthy career through varying forms.

Voorn's singles, EPs, and remixes all present a complex palette of sounds that range from heart-grabbing, ethereal deep house like the recent "Ringo", to Detroit-laced techno, peak-time tech anthems like "Goodbye Fly" (off his well-received Dusty House Room series), and a number of other tones all consistently focused on one's experience on the dance floor.

His latest album release Nobody Knows (released on Green, the label Voorn has run with Edwin Oosterwal since 2005) finds Voorn offering an experience slightly augmented from his previous forays. Tracks like the opener "Monk" are flowing with ambient, "Homeland," his collaboration with Matthew Dear, could almost be indie-electronica, while "Sweet For Piano" breathes delicately with steel-drums and slowly unfolding chords.

Voorn's intention is clear on Nobody Knows: he wants us to listen, and listen deeply. Sure, a couple tunes will probably be interlaced into his legendary marathon DJ sets, but on this one, Joris is going for an experience away from the club.

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