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Drum 'n' Bass Don Friction Goes Back to Basics With "Battle Scars"

It's a dirty, techy bassline roller.

by Jemayel Khawaja
May 23 2014, 9:58pm

In between hosting the BBC 1 Radio Drum 'n' Bass Show, running the Shogun Audio label, and traveling around the world spreading the gospel of UK bass, Friction still somehow finds time to churn out techy bassline rollers like "Battle Scars," his new track in collaboration with Fourward and Jakes.

The tune comes as part of Volume 1 of the 'Friction Vs.' series, a collection of collaborations championing underground-ready sonics with a back-to-basics mentality. AA-side track, "Scatter," features junglist legends Total Science.

"I felt it was about time I go into the studio and make some pure, unadultered D'n'B for the underground," he tells THUMP. "That's certainly what Volume 1 is all about, something for the D'n'B crew who like it heads down, nasty and rolling."

The track will be released digitally on June 8 and then physically on June 23 as a limited edition picture vinyl. Listen to the stream exclusively here.

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