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Amtrac's New Single is Retro and Future at the Same Damn Time

How does he do it?

by THUMP Staff
Mar 13 2014, 7:45pm

This is a special time of year for music industry professionals like ourselves. Many of us woke to greet the Texan sun this morning, finding ourselves curled in a tapestry of neckbearded bodies on a stranger's floor in East Austin. Some were up late filing SXSW listicles for deadline, others crawled home at five in the morning from the ranch that Mountain Dew rented and filled with underage rappers and cognac. Either way, there are a lot of journos, DJs, drummers, publicists, managers, and promoters out there who are feeling the burn, and we salute you.

The funny thing is that once you finally fly home from Texas and bathe the stench of AT&T-branded bacon-scented perfume samples off of your body, you'll have just a few days before you get to go do it again at WMC in Miami. And in my humble opinion, the yung Louisivillian, Amtrac, will be taking home the gold medal at both. He is the man of the spring festival season this year, and he'll be sleeping in a much nicer hotel room than you will, mister scruffy music writer. Why? Because he deserves it. Here's an exclusive new single, "Don't Know," from the dude himself, which features the Los Angeles duo Posso. It's available for free download. It bangs. You're welcome. Connect with Amtrac on Facebook