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The Editors' New Groove Vol. XXI

Let's drink beer and trim our bangs and listen to these dope jams over the weekend.

by THUMP Staff
Apr 4 2014, 11:41pm

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases from THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN - "Complaints"

You know that line in "Fuckin' Problems" when Drake says, "We can stare up at the stars and put The Beatles on?" I'd love to stargaze and listen to music with Drake. But forget the Fab Four. I'd rather have this Porn Sword Tobacco/Dreesen collab playing. (Elissa Stolman)

A$AP Ferg - "Petit Valley"
Does A$AP Ferg count as dance music? Actually, I DGAF about genre conventions. My perfect island jam has arrived right in time for warm weather in NYC. Hello spring! It's about time. (Lauren Schwartzberg)

Javeon - "Intoxicated (DJ Q Remix)"
DJ Q knows how to put a donk where it belongs. I think I use the word "donk" in this segment every week? Donk. Donk. Do- okay, sorry. (Max Pearl)

Dimitri from Paris - "My Tribute to Frankie Knuckles"
Baby will always want to ride. (Joel Fowler)

Frankie Knuckles - "The Whistle Song (Jay Da Headslick Tribute Remix)"

On Tuesday night after work, I walked down to the East River and listened to this remix while watching the sun set over the water. The day was awash in sadness surrounding the passing of a beloved legend, but at that moment, everything seemed perfect. (David Garber)

Recondite - "Milk"
One of my favorite descriptions of electronic music comes from a recent New Yorker bit about Berlin, where a DJ at the decks was said to look like he was "herding tiny animals" with his hands. Now, in my head, this sparse techno beast sounds like the pitter-pattering feet of small mice. Techno mice. (Michelle Lhooq)

Kornel Kovacs - "Szikra"
The latest jam from Studio Barnhus is the type of dreamy, accessible house beat that my techno purist friends would judge me harshly for loving. But I'm too busy dancing on clouds made of cotton candy and petting my pretty ponies to hear the haters over the sound of this adorable Kornel Kovacs tune. (Elissa Stolman)

Saint - "Tamagotchi Remix (Feat. Dai Burger)"
We premiered this on THUMP a couple of days ago and I still can't stop shaking my ass. Send for help. (Lauren Schwartzberg)

Cashmere Cat - "With Me (Stwo Edit)"
I usually don't like frilly, effete PBR&B, but this new Stwo remix has me flashing back to a Rinsed party in a banquet hall where I ate a bean and freak-danced with shorties all night. Good party. (Max Pearl)

Juice Belushi - "RainDance"

Maybe Max will showcase some of his world-famous dance-moves to this jammer if he's not too busy listening to PBR&B. (David Garber)

Porter Robinson - "Sea Of Voices (RAC Mix)"

I have not been immune to the charms of Porter Robinson 2.0, and RAC's remix of Robinson's game-changing "Sea of Voices" grounds the ethereal track with dancefloor-worthy electro beats. Simply put, it sounds like the logical conclusion to one of the most unconventional hits of the year. (Michelle Lhooq)