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The Creators Project Is Speaking At Internet Week New York

On Thursday, May 17th we’ll host a panel discussion on the potentialities and challenges of the “digital gallery.”

by The Creators Project Staff
May 11 2012, 3:28pm

Last year we launched an online gallery in partnership with the Behance Network in order to highlight and showcase the talents of our growing creative community. We even documented the creative process of SOFTlab, a design studio found via our gallery, on our website and screened some short films from Factory Fifteen, another collective found via the gallery, at both our New York event last fall and our San Francisco event this past March.

This year, we’re planning to take the concept of a “digital gallery” one step further, by not just displaying imagery and videos, but by exhibiting interactive artwork on our site in more of a traditional online gallery format.

To kick off this initiative, we’re hosting a panel discussion on the concept of the Digital Gallery as part of Internet Week New York (May 14-21). Speakers include Piotr Adamczyk (Data Lead, Google Art Project), Julia Kaganskiy (Global Editor, The Creators Project), Christiane Paul (Director of Media Studies Programs and Associate Prof. of Media Studies, New School), John Rothenberg (Partner, Sosolimited), and Zoë Salditch (Program Director, Rhizome). Here’s the panel description…

On the one hand, the internet has expanded the potential reach for a work of art and has given artists a way to circumnavigate the exclusive gallery/museum system. On the other, it’s presented new challenges for artists and institutions alike in terms of considering how to create, present, archive, and conserve artistic works that exist in the digital space. What are the challenges and opportunities of the new concept of the “digital gallery”? We’ll hear from some leaders in the cultural space that are setting the new standards for how we display and engage with art in the digital era.

Come by the Internet Week headquarters stage at 82 Mercer on Thursday, May 17th from 2-2:45 PM and join in on the discussion. Visit Internet Week New York for more information. Make sure to check out the panels by our sister sites Noisey, Motherboard, and VICE.


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