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Yung Lean Gives Us an Early Christmas Gift in the Form of His 'Frost God' EP

Have a very Sadboy holiday :'(

by Phil Witmer
Dec 14 2016, 4:17pm

Yung Lean has somehow managed to remain relevant in hip-hop by doubling down on his nostalgia-based cloud rap sound until no one else is pursuing it but him. This year's Warlord album was the first sign, and now the abruptly released Frost God EP confirms that the king Sadboy still has a place in the world, if his appearance on Frank Ocean's Blonde didn't already.

The 8-track project features the gentle single "Hennessy & Sailor Moon," an A$AP Ferg verse on "Crystal City," and some of the lushest, prettiest production that Lean's ever rapped on. It also has a song simply titled "Kirby," so there's that. Put some Arizona in your eggnog (actually, maybe don't), plug in your Playstation 1, and listen to Frost God below.

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