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Motherboard Reacts to the New Google Logo

This is different than what we're used to.

by Nicholas Deleon
Sep 1 2015, 4:13pm

Image: Google

Google has a new logo, so get excited.

The company said it updated its logo to be more reflective of today's mobile-dominated computing environment, "and shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens."

The current incarnation, which was first introduced in 2013, will "soon" be replaced with this new logo across Google's properties, though the company was not specific as to when we'd see the change. (The doodle on the homepage today, which shows the old logo being erased and the new one written in chalk, suggests it will be a quick rollout.)

Since this is clearly Very Important, some of us here at Motherboard decided to opine on Google's new logo in our humble chat room.

Adrianne Jeffries: still has old logo

i hate new logo

Nicholas Deleon: this changes everything

Adrianne Jeffries: i predict everyone hates it

Kaleigh Rogers: people don't like change

Sarah Emerson:

they should bring back the exclamation point!

Derek Mead: what does it look like

can someone drop a screenshot

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai: it looks like crap. literally

Adrianne Jeffries:

Adrianne Jeffries: my reaction is: i hate it and i think everyone will hate it

the L is too close to the second g and e

Vicki Turk: the gut reaction is to hate it

Jordan Pearson: oh its fine

Vicki Turk: i think we will very soon forget about it

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai: i hate the capital G

Adrianne Jeffries: it looks like playskool

Vicki Turk: how often do you actually look at or notice the google logo

Adrianne Jeffries: no people will be outraged until they change it

Sarah Emerson: that "e" is so jaunty tho

Kaleigh Rogers: My reaction is: I like it and everyone will forget that there was ever a different logo in like ten seconds. It's remarkable how viscerally humans resist change of any kind, even something as inconsequential as a corporate logo.

Vicki Turk: i forgot about it as soon as @KR shared a cute animal pic

Jordan Pearson: why google is transitioning into a division of fisher price is a mystery to me though

Derek Mead: it looks like something from the berenstein bears, which is nice because it makes me thing the Goog is up on their conspiracy memes but also makes me wonder how much latent guilt a multibillion-collar conglomerate has to try to butter people up with a typeface stolen from one of Arthur the the teen aardvark's sweaters

Vicki Turk: did they make the font so clear so it can be used on tiny devices like smartphones and smart contact lenses

Adrianne Jeffries:

Vicki Turk: ooh thats fun

i love it now

Kaleigh Rogers: I actually forget what the old logo looks like

Vicki Turk: the old logo looks so old already

Kaleigh Rogers: ugh I hate the old logo

Vicki Turk: omg look how old it looks

Vicki Turk: #teamnewlogo

Adrianne Jeffries: it looks distinguished

Vicki Turk: google doodle is redrawing the logo right now @AJ

Adrianne Jeffries: it's chalk because it's for babies

Kaleigh Rogers: wait the e is crooked?

I did not notice that

Jason Koebler: that G is lol but whatever i literally don't care at all

Kaleigh Rogers: it looks a bit like if I tried to make the new google logo

Kaleigh Rogers: I'm waning on this logo now @VT

Vicki Turk: i'm going from forgettable to "ooooh a gif!" back to forgettable again

but i still think old logo looks old and is for olds

Derek Mead: they're literally drawing the logo with chalk

google for kids

google is a delightful company

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai: you mean alphabet, @dm