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Canadians Can Now Order Soylent

Soylent will now ship to everywhere in Canada, including the Arctic.
June 15, 2015, 6:08pm
Image: Sam Thonis

Soylent, a mix of nutritious powders that's advertised as the future of food, is coming to Canada.

According to a company blog post, Soylent can now be ordered by people aiming to end their neanderthal dependence on solid foods anywhere in Canada—including the Arctic, where nutritious foods are incredibly expensive due to the cost of flying food up there. Soylent orders will be mailed using Canada Post.

Previously, Canadians with a hankering for a beige and lumpy (but nutritious!) jizz smoothie had to settle for Soylent knock-offs like Joylent, or pay to use re-shipping services that receive packages at a US address and then send them off to Canada for a fee.

"Since the beginning of this story we have seen a tremendous outpouring of support from Canada and are pleased to be able to bring our vision of the future of food to our northern neighbors today," Soylent CEO Rob Rhinehart said in a statement. According to the company, more than 500 Canadians pledged to Soylent's original crowdfunding campaign.

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Reddit user "RambleMan," who claims to live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, recounted his experience getting two months worth of Soylent shipped up to the Arctic in a post last year. RambleMan claims that the entire endeavour cost him an extra $150 USD, and Soylent itself runs at $255 for a month's supply. According to a Soylent representative I emailed, getting Soylent mailed to Yellowknife—or anywhere else in Canada—will be absolutely free.

In the Canadian North, a week's grocery bill can be $600 for some families, according to a report by The Globe and Mail**,** and basic foods like celery can cost 287 percent more than they do elsewhere in Canada**,** despite government subsidies for "healthy" foods.

At $3 a meal before extra costs, according to the company, Soylent might not be such a bad option, especially now that Canadians don't have to go to such expensive lengths to get their hands on the stuff.

As an added bonus, Soylent claims that buyers will get their orders in 48 hours. This is a far cry from the months-long waits reported by US customers who ordered Soylent during the company's early days in 2013. This promise likely has something to do with the $20 million in venture capital funding the company recently secured to improve its supply chain.

It seems like things are looking up for Canadian believers in a future without food. Although, if you're ordering from the Arctic, the internet connection you need to order Soylent in the first place is still going to cost you a shit-ton of money.

UPDATE: A Soylent representative provided figures for how much it would cost to get Soylent shipped to Yellowknife. This figure has been added for context.