MUNCHIES Is Now on Pinterest

We understand that there is often nothing more satisfying than swallowing the visual buffet of everything that the world of food offers, so we’re pleased to announce that MUNCHIES is now on Pinterest.

by Munchies Staff
May 26 2015, 3:15pm

As the editors of a food publication that prizes long-form journalism like Adam Gollner's story of the "lost" beef of Cuba and the definitive profile of Diana Kennedy (the expat doyenne of Mexican cuisine), we feel comfortable admitting that words can sometimes fail when it comes to food.

More to the point: They don't call it "food porn" for nothin'.

We understand that there are few activities more palate-whetting than indulging in the visual buffet of everything that the edible world offers, so we're pleased to announce that MUNCHIES is now on Pinterest.

Drink it in, readers, drink it in—literally.

Peruse our recipe collections—satisfying your breakfast, lunch, and hangover helper needs—or take a photo-driven tour of food-centric cities around the world, from London to New York. It's now easier than ever to make the very foodstuffs and cocktails that you see our hosts chopping and screwing in the kitchen on How-To or feasting on in Chef's Night Out and The Dinner Bell. Plus, loads of drinks and dishes that come from our chef friends, from Alvin Cailin of Eggslut's Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich to Matty Matheson's perfect pancakes.

And of course we'll be adding new boards all the time, giving you new and dynamic ways of satisfying your MUNCHIES cravings.