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How to Make Action Bronson's Hawaiian Poke

Fuck, That’s Delicious host and rapper extraordinaire Action Bronson fell in love with poke when he visited Hawaii last year. To make it yourself, all you need is 10 minutes and some tuna.

by Hilary Pollack
Jun 5 2016, 2:00pm

Given that it's finally summer, some of you might be reading this from a lounge chair next to a hotel pool, or from the deck of a cabin in a woods. Lucky you.

For the rest of us stuck in our offices and apartments, vacation is just a distant temptation that we attempt to indulge by drinking rum cocktails and sunburning ourselves on our dirty rooftops. If only we were in Hawaii. If only.

Here are two fun facts about Hawaii: The 50th state in the Union is not home to any species of snakes, but it is home to poke, a marinated fish salad that tastes like endless summer and sesame sunshine.


Fuck, That's Delicious host and rapper extraordinaire Action Bronson fell in love with the stuff when he visited Hawaii with our crew last December. It made such an impression on him, in fact, that he sought to replicate the ocean-sourced joy he tasted at Oahu's Kahuku Superette.

That's how we ended up with not one, but two, Action-created versions of poke. One is a more traditional synthesis of fresh tuna, ginger, scallions, onion, soy sauce, sesame, cilantro, and togarashi.

RECIPE: Tuna Poke

The other swaps in roasted golden beets for a unique take on the beloved Hawaiian dish that even your most herbivorous of friends can enjoy, too.

RECIPE: Golden Beet Poke

Close your eyes and slather yourself with sunscreen before enjoying, and you just might believe that you're in paradise.