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Protests erupt in North Carolina after a fatal police shooting, Ahmad Rahami is charged with using weapons of mass destruction, Chinese hackers remotely attack the Tesla Model S, and more.

by VICE Staff
Sep 21 2016, 1:25pm

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Jeff Siner/The Charlotte Observer via AP

US News

Protests Erupt in North Carolina After Fatal Police Shooting
At least 12 police officers were injured in Charlotte on Tuesday night after protests against a fatal police shooting turned violent. Hours earlier, an officer had shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, 43, while seeking a different person. Police fired tear gas, and one officer was hit in the face by a rock during protests, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department. —NBC News

Rahami Charged with Using a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Ahmad Rahami, the man accused of a leaving a string of bombs in two states, including one that exploded and injured 31 people in New York City, has been charged with federal counts of using weapons of mass destruction. FBI investigators found a journal belonging to Rahami that allegedly included pro–al Qaeda statements. —USA Today

Trump Used $258,000 from Charity to Settle Lawsuits
Donald Trump used money from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits involving his businesses, the Washington Post has found. The newspaper uncovered new Trump Foundation expendatures that included $10,000 for a painting of Trump and a $100,000 donation to the charity of a man who sued one of Trump's golf courses for allegedly cheating him out of a hole-in-one prize. The Washington Post

Chicago PD to Hire 500 New Cops
The Chicago Police Department plans to hire more than 500 additional cops in response to the recent rise in homicides, according to a city official. The city has recorded more than 500 homicides so far this year, more than in all of 2015. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson is expected to announce the extra hires today. —AP

International News

Another Airstrike Kills 13 in Aleppo
An air raid carried out overnight by Syrian or Russian warplanes killed four medical workers and at least nine rebel fighters near Aleppo, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. US officials said Russian aircraft were responsible for attacking an aid convoy near Aleppo in the strike that shattered a one-week truce on Monday.—Reuters

Fifty Nations Double Refugee Places to 360,000
Fifty different countries have pledged to resettle or allow the lawful admission of 360,000 refugees, doubling the number of places available last year. Countries could only attend a summit hosted by President Obama at the annual UN gathering if they made a pledge. "We are facing a crisis of epic proportion," Obama said. —BBC News

Philippines President Flips the Bird at the EU
President Rodrigo Duterte unleashed profanities against the European Union after its parliament called on the Philippine government to "put an end" to the killings of drug suspects. "I'm telling them, 'Fuck you,'" Duterte said during a speech in Manila. "I repeat it, 'Fuck you,'" he said again and raised his middle finger. —Al Jazeera

Chinese Hackers Remotely Attack Tesla Model S
A group of Chinese hackers have successfully exploited a vulnerability in the software running Tesla's Model S, becoming the first group to show that the electric car can be remotely hacked. The hackers, known as the Keen Team, published a blog detailing the hack, revealing how an unmodified Tesla Model S could be controlled remotely. —VICE News

Everything Else

Director Curtis Hanson Dies at Age 71
Filmmaker Curtis Hanson, Oscar-winning screenwriter of LA Confidential and director of 8 Mile, has died at the age of 71. "Curtis Hanson believed in me and our crazy idea," said Eminem. "I'm lucky I got to know him." —The Hollywood Reporter

Adele Dedicates Show to Brangelina
The singer dedicated her Madison Square Garden show to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, after the actress filed for divorce. Adele said she needed to "address the elephant in the room" and said the split marked the "end of an era." —Billboard

Google Assistant Offers to Chat for You
Google has launched its latest mobile chat app, Allo. Its standout feature is Google Assistant, a chatbot that can be used in online conversations with friends, offering responses to questions, such as "yup" to the question "are you on your way." — The Guardian

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Tracking 35,000 Fishing Boats
The actor has announced that a new online platform using data from satellites will be able to track the world's 35,000 commercial fishing vessels. DiCaprio hopes it will "empower citizens" to become "powerful advocates for our oceans." —Munchies

Tinder and Spotify Join Forces
The mobile dating app has announced a new integration with streaming music service Spotify called Anthem, which allows users to see one another's music listening habits and what artists "you have in common." —VICE News

Gucci Mane Is No Longer Under House Arrest
The Atlanta rapper took to Instagram to celebrate the end of his house arrest, posting a video in which he can be seen cutting off his ankle monitor. It came only a few hours after announcing details of his second studio album, Woptober. —Noisey

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