Palace Guard Caught Snorting 'Substance' While on Duty

"I'd be very surprised if this powder does turn out to be drugs."

by VICE Staff
Sep 12 2016, 2:40pm

Some guards. Photo by bortescristian via Wikipedia

Every now and again, a video of an official chopping up what looks like a line of white powder is leaked to the media, much to the public's disgust and delight. Usually it's a politician or a CEO. This time, though, it's a member of the Queen's guard—the guys outside the royal palace in England who wear the red coats and big black hats.

One of them, Major James Coleby, has been filmed allegedly snorting a "powder-like substance" from a ceremonial sword at St. James's Palace. The footage, according to the Sun, was taken while Major Coleby was guarding the royal family, with 13 more hours on duty.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the 30-second clip was mistakenly posted on a messaging service for the troops and then found its way to the tabloid.

Screenshot of the video, via the 'Sun'

In the video, Captain Alex Ritchie, 27, is shown appearing to chop up the substance with a card, saying: "How much? Two inches? You want two inches of that? If you get rid of that, I'll be mightily impressed."

Coleby, 41, then snorts it, while a woman who can't be seen shouts out: "No, don't do it. For the love of God."

Colonel Richard Kemp, who led British troops in Afghanistan, told the paper: "This behavior is both highly worrying and acutely embarrassing for the British Army. However, I'd be very surprised if this powder does turn out to be drugs."

As you might expect, the pair are currently being investigated.

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