Jan 27 2010, 11:35am

Hello and good morning friends. I hope you are hungry because I have been slaving over this hot computer and made you a side of scrambled whatever and some savory video salad. There is also some fresh-squeezed video salad and milk if you are thirsty. For dessert, video salad a la mold. So Peas watch and maybe i'll see you latte, video salad video salad video salad.

Where is your head at?

Tracks by Quicksand and Pissed Jeans.

Spine Scavenger--the Lodge B.

Tripping on mushrooms with Professor at Market Hotel with DJ Traxx. Chicago house music is pure ecstasy.

A whole day spent walking. Blues Control--No Sweat.

A night at the Brooklyn Museum. Terence Koh Experience mystical performance; Kate Hardy's video; Judy Chicago's Dinner Party; Your Love by Robin S.

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