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Rainbow Report: The Week in LGBT

Who Will Stop the Homosexual Dance Teacher of East London?!

Homophobes say the funniest things, don't you agree? Dr Mark Walcott is the head of dance and drama at Newham College in East London. He thinks a gay teacher should be fired.

by Elektra Kotsoni
Dec 13 2013, 2:00pm

“Will Smith opened a school with his wife Jada Pinkett that is run by Scientologists and all the children that go to that school, the intention is to make them Scientologists. A gay school would do the same thing.”

Homophobes say the funniest things, don't you agree? The above miracle is only a tiny droplet of the word vomit that comes spraying through the teeth of Dr Mark Walcott in the video above. The whole thing was apparently recorded by his (I'm guessing pretty disgusted) colleagues a little over a year ago at a staff meeting at Newham College in East London, where Dr Walcott is the head of dance and drama. If you can't be bothered listening to the entire 50-minute rant (though you should, because it's comedy gold), from what I gathered the conversation revolves around some teacher that Walcott believes to be gay and should therefore be fired.

Here are the best of his "zingers":

"Gay-ism or any sexual preference is subliminally taught and auto-suggested.”

“There’s a teacher who wants to teach dance but his gay-ism is so upfront that I was asked not to employ him, because it wouldn’t be good for our students. The students would rebel against him because he is SO GAY. He brings his gay-ism out in the classroom in his dance.”

“If you get someone from the Ku Klux Klan to run a school we can assume there will be racial influences. Sexual preference does become an ideology.”

MW: "There are people that don’t like black people, there are people that don’t like Pakistanism, and there’s no law against that.”
COLLEAGUE: "Well… I think that there is.”

“There’s gayphobia, but there’s gayphobia of people thinking everybody else is gayphobic.”

“I’ll give you a name of somebody I’d never have run a school: Elton John! Because his gay-ism is so liberal!”

And my personal favorite:
COLLEAGUE: "I think you’ve got some prejudices."
MW: "I have, and so have you.”
COLLEAGUE: "Well, I don’t think I have.”
MW: "Then you need to find some.”

According to, the recording was initially turned over to some type of authority figure who proceeded to investigate the case for eight months, scratch their balls, and then do nothing. It was only after the above video appeared on YouTube, on November 17, that Walcott was finally suspended.

Who's gonna teach our kids some prejudice now?

Nazi camp ID-emblems in a 1936 German illustration. The pink triangle was used to identify homosexuals.

Gonna stay true to the insanity theme this week and direct your attention to former UKIP candidate and therefore veteran mentalist Julia Gasper, who also claims to be a doctor. (This is all getting very "Ross from Friends.") Recently, Gasper penned a paper titled Where Is the Evidence for a ‘Homocaust'? Which is such a brilliant headline I'm almost tempted to ask her if she can come up with a few more for this website.

Then again, maybe I won't, because Julia's article is a shameless disgrace that amounts to a denial that gays were targeted during the Holocaust:

“So far, and correct me on this if I am wrong"—YOU ARE WRONG, YOU ARE WRONG, STOP IT, STOP IT NOW—"I find that the individuals either cannot be identified, or were Jewish as well as homosexual (so they would have been sent to the death-camps for being Jewish) or that they were imprisoned rather than killed. That does not really support a conclusion that there was a holocaust of homosexuals comparable to that of the Jews, or even the gypsies who were also decimated."

Julia has in the past kindly suggested that gay people "stop complaining and start thanking straight people" because they are the reason they exist.

Not. Got. Good. Form.

Our last doctor of the week is Core Issues Trust founder Michael Davidson, who—on January 9 (diaries)—will be hosting a panel on the virtues of gay-to-straight conversion therapy! Pretty exciting, right? Also exhibiting herself in this freakfest is some Christian lady called Andrea Minichiello Williams (chief-exec of a thingy called Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Center).

The panellists will be addressing such questions and issues as: “Homosexual orientation and practice: what did Jesus say? Straight, gay, bisexual: what about ex-gay and post-gay? ‘Don’t want to be gay anymore? Sorry we’re not allowed to help you!’ Is that ethical?”

You booking the tickets or should I?

A gold star to Tom Daley whose coming out is hardly even news any more, but deserves the same salute that all sane and responsible gestures do. I was having dinner with a friend the other night, and she suggested that queer culture and its tactics are often old fashioned. It's about time, she said, that society actually treats sexuality as yet another human characteristic, like the fact that some people are blonde and some are not.

Actually, in 2014, I'd like to see so many people coming out that I get so bored of it that I don't want anyone to ever come out again. That's how wanting to suck genitals that look like your own will be normalized.

For the goss, Tom Daley's BF is Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.


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