Police Found a Cannabis 'Forest' in Outer London

It was the size of a soccer field, and police are now getting ready to destroy it all.

by Yasmin Jeffery
Sep 25 2015, 2:50pm

Photo via Kingston Police

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Kingston upon Thames police officers discovered a vast cannabis "forest" in the southwest London borough, where approximately 150 marijuana plants were found growing among indigenous flora.

Officers posted images of the shocking discovery on Twitter after an anonymous tip on Thursday informed the force of "a few cannabis plants." The plantation was found on disused private land on leafy Kingston's Lower Marsh Lane, situated near a college, university halls, fitness center, and Berrylands train station. Upon arrival, officers were greeted by scores of plants of extraordinary heights, with some standing at around five feet.

Kingston borough PC Sarah Henderson said: "The area these plants were growing on was the size of a football pitch [soccer field]. It looked like a small forest of Christmas trees and was complete with a gazebo. Whoever set this up used a really remote spot. The only way to get there was a 20-minute walk through wasteland. But all their time, trouble and gardening skills will go unrewarded, as the whole lot will now be destroyed by police."

Officers have secured the wasteland and are in the process of arranging for the plants to be removed and destroyed. No arrests have been made as yet, and inquiries into the discovery continue as police search for those involved in cultivating the plants.