Selfie Sticks Banned at Pope Event in Philadelphia

Sorry, Philly, rules are rules.

by VICE LA Staff
Sep 2 2015, 11:23pm

Image via Flickr user Republic of Korea

When Pope Francis speaks at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on September 26 and 27 this month, objects such as drones, aerosol cans, and balloons will not be allowed. As will selfie sticks, per a mandate by the Secret Service, who have released a list of items that will be prohibited during Papal Visit.

Read the Secret Service's full list of prohibited items below, via CBS Philly:

Animals other than service/guide animals
Backpacks and bags exceeding the size restrictions (18" x 13" x 7")
Hard Coolers (Soft-sided thermal coolers ARE allowed)
Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
Glass, thermal or metal containers
Laser pointers
Mace/Pepper spray
Selfie Sticks
Signs exceeding the size restrictions (5' x 3' x 1/4") made of any material except cardboard, poster board or cloth
Supports for signs and placards
Toy guns
Weapons of any kind
Any other items determined to be a potential safety hazard

Having the Pope visit your town is a big deal, and Pennsylvania's government is preparing accordingly, releasing a Papal Visit Playbook that contains such helpful resources as a timeline and instructions on how to attend the Pope's events, as well as a link to an online store where you can buy stuff like Pope coffee cups, stuffed Popes, and a cardboard Pope cut-out that stands 69 inches tall. Its product description says, "Take a selfie with Pope Francis!"

Presumably, as long as you don't use a selfie stick.

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