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No charges will be filed in the Tamir Rice killing, the 'Affluenza Teen' has been taken into custody, and Islamic State scholars have outlined when an 'owner' can have sex with a slave.

by VICE Staff
Dec 29 2015, 3:14pm

Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson answers questions as police chief Calvin Williams watches during a news conference in Cleveland, Monday, Dec. 28, 2015. Photo via AP/Phil Long

US News

No Charges for Tamir Rice Killing

A grand jury voted not to indict two Cleveland police officers who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was carrying a toy gun at the time of his death. The fatal shooting was a "perfect storm of human error," said the Cuyahoga County prosecutor. - NBC News

Affluenza Teen In Custody

Ethan Couch, the 18-year-old who avoided jail over a fatal drunk-driving crash by claiming he suffered from "affluenza," has been taken into custody by Mexican police. Couch and his mother had been missing for two weeks after he failed to report to his probation officer. - CNN

Google Collecting Data in High Schools

Privacy campaigners are concerned that Google is tracking students using its services and products in high schools. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about targeted ads. - The Washington Post

Weather Wrecks Travel Havoc

More wild weather is expected to snarl traffic and ground flights in the Midwest and South today. Storms with the possibility of tornadoes are forecast for the Southeast, while the Northeast will likely see its first snowfall of the year. - USA Today

International News

Islamic State Rules on Raping of Slaves

The Islamic State's theologians have issued a detailed ruling, called Fatwa No. 64, explaining when and under what circumstances "owners" of women can have intercourse with them. The United Nations has accused the Islamic State of raping thousands of enslaved women and girls as young as 12. - Reuters

'New Year Plot' Arrests in Belgium

Belgian police have arrested two people suspected of planning attacks on Brussels on New Year's Eve. The latest arrests are not linked to the Paris attacks, prosecutors say, but one of those arrested is suspected of leading a terrorist cell. - AP

Israel's Former Prime Minister Goes to Prison

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for bribery. The 70-year-old was convicted over a real estate deal that took place before Olmert became prime minister, while he was still mayor of Jerusalem. - The Jerusalem Post

Saudi Deficit Nears $100 Billion

Saudi Arabia's budget deficit has reached $98 billion, as the world's biggest oil exporter suffers from the cost of falling crude prices. Ministers said they would cut domestic fuel subsidies, which could increase gas prices in the kingdom by 50%. - BBC News

Everything Else

Bieber Graffiti Investigated

San Francisco's city attorney is investigating a graffiti campaign promoting Justin Bieber's latest album. Dennis Herrera sent a letter to Bieber's record company complaining the graffiti has not washed away even after rainstorms. - NBC Bay Area

New $20,000 Hoverboard

The nation's obsession with making Back to the Future: Part II a reality continues, as The Arca Space Corporation unveils a $20,000 floating rectangle. A slightly overblown ad claims the vehicle "will grant you total freedom." - The Huffington Post

North Pole Terrifyingly Warm

Mother nature is not happy. A weather system is building in the North Atlantic that some experts say could push temperatures in the North Pole 70 degrees Fahrenheit—or more—above average. - VICE News

War on Drugs: Finally Winding Down?

2015 featured lots of encouraging signs on drug policy reform, including more states legalizing marijuana use. Experts believe support for decriminalizing addiction is cause for optimism about 2016. - VICE