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Wrap Your Head Around Moses Sumney's 'Aromanticism'

The singer/songwriter's debut LP is out now as a set of very pretty visuals.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 22 2017, 3:38pm

Photo by Burak Cingi for Redferns

After releasing several EPs and singles, each more labyrinthine than the last, Moses Sumney has finally dropped his debut album Aromanticism. As usual, the music (and Sumney's voice) is gentle and soulful enough to be enjoyed as soothing background music, but harmonically sophisticated enough to reward intense, nerdy listening ("Quarrel," phew!).

Now, you could stream this album on Spotify or what have you, but Sumney's YouTube channel has the entire thing uploaded and every song has a unique and abstract visualization, including a new video for "Lonely World." This is clearly way cooler, and maybe what Sumney intended, so give Aromanticism a watch and a listen here and check out "Lonely World" below.

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