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Why Did Miley Cyrus Impersonate Dolly Parton on 'Fallon'?

Moreover, why did Fallon impersonate Kenny Rogers, beard and all?

by Lauren O'Neill
Oct 5 2017, 4:47pm


Today in things that networks definitely want us to blog: during her week-long residency on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (why), Miley Cyrus has been taking part in various skits, like turning "Bodak Yellow" into a country song (why). Last night, she joined Fallon himself, an enormous ham, in a duet—they performed "Islands in the Stream," in character as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (my longest 'why' ever).

OK here it is: Miley isn't even trying to do a decent Dolly impression, and Fallon's head/hairpiece combination unfortunately resembles a chicken which has not been all the way de-feathered. So, the joke here is basically that Fallon is doing a weird voice and Miley has on a big wig and it stops being even remotely amusing after 30 seconds. I just think we need to demand more from our entertainment—but hey, we still wrote about it, right?

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