We Talk Old Games and New Recording Studios in Today's Waypoint Radio

In Waypoint Radio 214, we have Mario, we have Kingdom Hearts, and we have theme park rides.

Jan 15 2019, 12:14am

Photo by Ricardo Contreras

With Lobby 1 in the rearview mirror, team Waypoint heads to a brand new space to podcast: the control room! That's right, friends, we now podcast with a dizzying variety of screens and buttons around us to dazzle the mind and stimulate the imagination. This week, Patrick is playing New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Natalie and Danielle are into a very cute adventure-platformer with... deep state conspiracy theories... Pikuniku, and a bunch of us have fun AGDQ stories. Natalie also has a bunch of Kingdom Hearts opinions to share, and there is a nice, deep dive into the question bucket focused on how to break into games journalism if you only have access to older games.

Discussed: New Super Mario bros U. Deluxe, Pikuniku, Prey: Mooncrash, Bloodborne, Kaizo Mario, AGDQ, Kingdom Hearts

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