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Here are 16 people Trump has called a "cookie"

Donald Trump is cookie monster.

by Oliver Noble and Ben Craw
Nov 5 2018, 10:03pm

President Trump brought with him into the Oval Office a well-documented arsenal of pet catchphrases and words. But none have flummoxed viewers more than his vacillating support — and disdain — for cookies.

Along the way, the president has given new meaning to ideas like who really killed JFK and the regular activities of dogs. But one of his favorite terms to describe people is “cookie,” and his usage applies to all types of folks. In Trump's world, you might be a “tough cookie,” or a “smart cookie,” or perhaps even a “rough cookie.” (Or, in the case of Don King, you might be both a “tough cookie” and a “smart cookie.”)

The question is, what does it really mean when Trump drops a “cookie"? Is it a term of endearment, or more of an insult? It’s tough to say, since Trump has used “cookie” like a Philadelphian might use "jawn," applying it to everyone from his father, to Vladimir Putin, to the founders of ISIS, to Kanye West.

So we compiled a list of examples in an effort to find some sort of pattern to his “cookie” usage. We'll get back to you if one ever arises.