We Broke Down the Most Insane Kills from That Liam Neeson Snowplow Trailer

He literally drops an entire tree on a car.

by River Donaghey
Oct 25 2018, 5:29pm

screenshot via Cold Pursuit trailer.

When will people learn not to fuck with Liam Neeson's kids? The man has a "certain set of skills," and those skills mostly involve defending his family with an arsenal of weapons and a well-earned fatherly rage. Unfortunately, Neeson has announced that he's retiring from action movies, so we probably won't get a sixth Taken sequel or whatever. But worry not! Neeson's still got one more action movie coming before he hangs up his fists and goes back to drama forever—and it is one hell of a movie for him to go out on.

In the upcoming film, Cold Pursuit, Neeson plays a snowplow-driving family man who goes on a vigilante killing spree after his kid mysteriously dies at the hands of some evil drug dealers. If this sounds suspiciously similar to every single other action movie that Neeson's starred in over the past decade, except with the addition of snow, you're not wrong.

But from the look of the first trailer, it is also the most Liam Neeson-y Liam Neeson action movie ever. It opens with Neeson driving his plow and then accepting an award for being such a good plower. He is suitably humble and appreciative in his speech.

"I'm just a guy who keeps a strip of civilization open," he says, as the trailer cuts to shots of his lovely home life with his son and wife, played by Laura Dern.

This is a good man, you think. He is a valuable part of his community. Everyone loves him. His world may be cold, but his heart is warm. Nothing could possibly upset his comfortable existence. Oh, but how mistaken you are.


Here it is. The inciting incident. His son is dead of an apparent heroin overdose, and Neeson's quiet life is thrown aside like the snowbanks he plows on the job. Look at the anger in his eyes as he stares down at his child's lifeless corpse! Look at the rage boiling up inside! He knows he must do something. And what he must do is slaughter drug dealers—drug dealers named "Speedo," "Viking," and "Eskimo," for some reason—in very inventive ways.

First, he runs a guy down in a snowplow.


Then he appears to throw the drug dealer off the side of a semi-frozen waterfall, which is the most snowplow man-y way for a snowplow man to dispose of a body.


From there, things go fully nuts. He kills another guy by playing a twisted, snowplow game of chicken and pushing a Hummer into some explosive barrels.


Then he builds himself a little snowplow sniper hideout to take out another.


At one point, someone—presumably Neeson—seems to dive-domb a car with some kind of paraglider.


But these elaborate kills all pale in comparison to the trailer's finale, when he, yes, appears to murder a car-full of bad guys by literally dropping an entire tree through the sunroof and squishing them.


Do all these complicated, vengeful murders truly help Neeson heal the wound of losing his son? Is causing pain to those who caused him pain really the only solution he has to feel whole again? Does his meager snowplow driver salary not afford him the cost of some decent therapy instead? Who cares! Exact that sweet revenge, Liam!

Cold Pursuit is out February 8, 2019. Until then, just watch him drop that giant tree on a car a few more times.

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