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Please Enjoy This Video of Pinegrove Playing “Intrepid” at The Current

It's just really nice, guys.

by Alex Robert Ross
Nov 4 2017, 12:21pm

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There are a lot of ways to spend your Saturday. You could scroll through Twitter and consider your own mortality; you could fear for the end of the world; you could get drunk. I'm not even here to discourage you from those activities! There are a lot of hours in the day and this video of Pinegrove playing their new song "Intrepid" in Minnesota Public Radio's studios will only take a few minutes. Watch it three times! You can still get drunk and scroll through Twitter and think about death for hours after that!

Evan Stephens Hall's voice is flawless, even when he flickers between his mid-range and falsetto; the song rises and falls around intricate guitar flurries; the harmonies never err. Pinegrove are great.

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