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Birthday Boy Rudy Giuliani Got Booed at Yankee Stadium and It Cured My Depression

A twinge of joy in this twisted, cruel world.

by Eve Peyser
May 29 2018, 4:32pm

Elsa/Getty Images

I had a dark weekend. Bad feelings polluted my tired mind as I idled around doing nothing. But in a bout of self-destruction, I opened Twitter, and was rewarded with an unexpected jolt of bliss: a video of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani getting booed at a Yankees game on his 74th birthday.

"The New York Yankees wish a very happy birthday to Mayor Giuliani," the announcer bellowed. Immediately, the crowd began to jeer. And for good reason—the former mayor is now President Trump's attorney, and New Yorkers are less than keen on what our Brooklyn-born chief executive is doing to our fragile country.

For anyone who doesn't support Trump, one of the most difficult parts of his presidency is the lingering feeling of helplessness—things are bad and there's nothing we can but watch it all crumble, and vote in the next election. If you're a New Yorker like me, you know your vote in the presidential election won't decide jackshit because the state always goes blue, and thanks to the electoral college, that doesn't matter too much.

But as it turns out, booing a Trump crony at a Yankees game on his birthday, or watching a video of that happening, is almost a cathartic release. As if New York is saying, We see what you're doing, Rudy, and we don't like it, so we're gonna make sure that you know how unloved you are in your own city.

I highly recommend watching if you're looking to feel a twinge of joy in this twisted, cruel world.

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