US Soccer Reaches Airline Levels of Ticket-Buying Absurdity

Remember the days when tickets would just go on sale once for everyone?

by Aaron Gordon
Jul 10 2017, 7:50pm

This afternoon, the official Red Bull Arena Facebook page created an event for the U.S. Men's National Team qualifier against Costa Rica on September 1. The event details, as spotted by Mark Fishkin, include the presale dates and times.

Why are there so many presales? What's the difference between the Priority Presale and the Preferred Presale? Why is the Advance Presale after the Preferred Presale? What suckers get stuck in the General Presale? What even is a Social Presale?

A spokesman for US Soccer clarified that the presale provides "priority for certain members associate[d] with U.S. Soccer." The "Priority" presale is for Gold/Silver members, "Preferred" for Blue/Red members, and "Advance" for people who have purchased tickets in the past.

Only professional sports would willingly duplicate the airplane boarding process.