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The Battle for Aleppo - Trailer

With clashes between government forces and opposition fighters in Aleppo, VICE met with foreign fighters from Syria and abroad.

by VICE News
Apr 9 2014, 3:35pm

Aleppo, Syria largest city, is witnessing continued clashes between government forces and opposition fighters on several fronts in and around the city. Those who could afford to flee have left. However many civilians remain, either unwilling or without the means to leave. Those remaining are subjected to a continuous bombardment by barrel bombs deployed by regime helicopters and warplanes.

In recent months, due to the increased military strength and growing confidence of the regime, the situation has deteriorated for those who live in the rebel held areas of the city.

Almost totally encircled and under siege from constant air strikes, many civilians, including women and children have been injured or killed.

VICE NEWS gained unprecedented access to armed jihadi groups in Aleppo as they fought Assad's forces and trained for battles in future. We met a commander from Jabhat al-Nusra, the largest jihadist group in the city, and the children of fighters from Syria and abroad.

VICE NEWS also covered the efforts of the "Civilian Rescue Force" -- a non-aligned group of volunteers, as they desperately try to save as many lives as possible in the aftermath of regime air strikes.

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