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Phobia's New Album Worships Speed and Spits on Corporate Greed

The grindcore OGs have returned! Listen to new album 'Lifeless Gods' in its entirety ahead of its June 2 Willowtip release.

by B. Williams
Jun 1 2017, 2:30pm

Phobia, the Californian underlords of grind, are poised to return with their sixth full length album, Lifeless God. Staying true to their tried-and-tested formula of blistering speed and punk-as-fuck aggression, this latest opus is the perfect soundtrack to the current political climate. From the get-go, tracks like "Damaged" and "Corpse Slayer" rage with an unforgiving ferocity that is both cathartic and galvanizing in resistance against the ruling elite. Meanwhile, the provocatively titled "Human Default = Suck At Life" and "Fuck Powerviolence" make no secrets of their roots and allegiances within the grind/crust scene.

Lifeless God also heralds the return of past members to the fold, featuring Danny Walker on drums, and Leon Del Muerte on guitar alongside original axeman Bruce Reeves—a lineup representing perhaps Phobia's truest essence. To quote founding member and vocalist Shane "The Pain" Mclachlan,"This record is a true statement of living a self autonomous life… It's also always awesome to work with this veteran Phobia line up, nothing can be short from brutal."

It's brutal, it's fast, and it's pissed off—exactly what you want from a new Phobia album. Lifeless God drops June 2 on Willowtip Records.

Photo credit: Nikkie Velvet and JJ Schaus